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Flexible pipe plug

A lightweight alternative can be this flexible balloon pipe plug. It is an innovative solution for sealing large sewer pipes that are only accessible through a manhole. These flexible pipe plug (also called flubber or sewer bag) can be used in various pipe profiles.
This type of flexible pipe plug is also available with a transfer or a bypass.

ATTENTION: Flexible pipe plug are less suitable for testing pipes. 

Diameter range 100 -2200 mm (< available on request)
Back pressure 0,5 Bar
Filling pressure max. 1,0 Bar
Properties fits through manhole/well opening
suitable for various pipe sizes and types

All flexible pipe plug are supplied with 3 or 5 metres of chain and air hose and a manometer control set with a vent cock. The pressure gauge control set is equipped with an auto valve and/or a claw coupling. 
Is the length of the filling hose and chain not sufficient? No problem at all!  We fit extra lengths of filling hose and chain at an extra charge. 

Flexibele ballonafsluiters

All flexible pipe plugs

Flexible pipe stopper 80/150
Flexibele afsluiter 80/150
€ 59,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Flexible pipe stopper 100/400
Flexible balloon pipe stopper 100/400
€ 80,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Flexible pipe stopper 250/600
Flexibele afsluiter 200/600
€ 113,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Flexible pipe stopper 300/800
Flexible balloon pipe stopper 300/800
€ 175,00 Rental price (p.w.)
flexible Pipe Stopper 400/1000
Flexibele ballonafsluiter 400/1000
€ 236,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Pipe stopper flexible 500/1200
Flexibele afsluiter 500/1200
€ 338,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Flexible pipe stopper 500/1500
Flexible balloon pipe stopper 500/1500
€ 375,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Pipe stopper flexible 1000/1600
Flexibele afsluiter 1000/1600
€ 456,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Pipe stopper flexible 1000/1800
Flexibele afsluiter 1000/1800
€ 551,00 Rental price (p.w.)
Pipe stopper flexible 1200/2200
Flexibele afsluiter 1200/2200
€ 627,00 Rental price (p.w.)

Flexible balloon pipe plugs in shapes and sizes

Flexible balloon pipe plugs are available in different types and sizes and with different filling pressures. These balloon pipe plugs are suitable for other pipes, such as egg-shaped, square or rectangular pipes. To select the right type of balloon pipe plug, it is important to know the characteristics that the sewer valve must fulfil. For instance, the back pressure behind the balloon pipe plug can be important. Also the duration of the sewer seal plays a role in choosing the right type. Of course, working safely in sewers is the most important starting point when working with pipe plugs.

Vuldruk en tegendruk

De vuldruk, de diameter van de buis en de gladheid van de buis bepalen welke waterdruk de ballonafsluiter kan tegenhouden. LET OP: als er mensen moeten werken achter een ballonafsluiter dan kan dit levensgevaarlijke situaties opleveren. In het algemeen adviseren wij om niet achter een ballonafsluiter te werken. De wet- en regelgeving over het werken met ballonafsluiters verschilt per land. Wil je hierover meer weten? Neem gerust contact op met ons.  


Did you know that many failure costs with pipe plugs have to do with the lack of proper maintenance and testing? All pipe plugs that you rent from us are extensively cleaned, tested and checked each time after use. You can expect to receive the best pipe plugs from us so that you can complete your project properly and safely.


It is our mission to ensure that everyone works safely with pipe plugs. That is why we have instruction cards that can be kept handy in the shed or the bus. Click here to order these cards.